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Welcome to the Sponsored Projects Accounting Controller's Office Home Page. Links and publications related to Sponsored Projects Accounting at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs are listed below.

Policy Title: Roles and Responsibilities for Sponsored Programs Administration:

FY24 SPAN Schedule


9/28/202311:30-1:00SPAN Travel Award Winners Share What They Learned at the NCURA Conference in Spring 2023Elyse Dunckley and Tomoko WeggenerIn-Person Lunch
10/25/202310:00-11:00How to Read CU Data Reports/JELin Kaplan/Jessi Komrofske 
11/16/202311:00-12:00How to Read a Notice of Award (NOA)Marshall Ferguson and Lin Kaplan 
1/25/202411:30-1:00Your Department Received a New Award, Now What?Elyse Dunckley and John CookeIn-Person Lunch
2/21/20241:00-2:00Summer Salary Business Process/Summer Salary Tool and How to Calculate Summer SalaryMelinda Hamilton/Robynne Dahl 
3/21/202411:00-12:00Managing Your Department's Sponsored ProjectJessi Komfroske/Melinda Hamilton 
4/17/202410:00-11:00Managing Your Department's Sponsored Project Cont. Jessi Komrofske/Melinda Hamilton 
5/22/20233:00-4:00Project CloseoutJessi Komrofske 


Please contact us with your Sponsored Projects Accounting Questions!

DepartmentSponsored Projects Accountant
AA-Library OperationsJessi Komrofske
AA-BiofrontiersJessi Komrofske
AA-CybersecurityJessi Komrofske
AA-EPIICJessi Komrofske
AA-Graduate SchoolJessi Komrofske
AA-Lyda Hill InstituteJessi Komrofske
AA-Sponsored Research (OOR)Jessi Komrofske
Beth-ElKailee Hoover
BUSKailee Hoover
COEJessi Komrofske
EASKailee Hoover
LASMelinda Hamilton
CPSMelinda Hamilton
OCWSJessi Komrofske
VCAFJessi Komrofske
VCEMJessi Komrofske
VCSAJessi Komrofske


Melinda Hamilton
(719) 255-3481

Jessi Komrofske
(719) 255-4230

Kailee Hoover